More violent drunks banned

THREE more violent drinkers in Rockhampton have been banned from pubs and clubs as venues toughen their stance against anti-social behaviour.

It has also been revealed two more people have been banned by order of the courts from entering licensed premises.

There are now 59 men and women barred for life from drinking in the city.

Police say the message to drinkers could not be clearer as the New Year partying period gets into full swing – misbehave and you could be banned for life from many of the city’s pubs and clubs.

Sgt Paul Bennett of Rockhampton Police said: "Police are encouraging everyone to enjoy themselves in the festive season, but not to be involved in acts of violence."

He said excessive alcohol consumption was often a precursor to violence.

Those tempted to ignore the warnings could find their social lives blighted for years to come. "Some of the people who have been banned are now upset that they will not be allowed to go out to licensed venues to have dinner with their families at this time of year.

"This is the result of their violent actions and all licensees in the Rockhampton Liquor Industry Action Group Liquor Accord are supportive of the banning process," he said.

"People should realise that being violent during a night out can not only affect you, but also your family in the future."

Accord members of meet regularly to discuss alcohol-related trouble and promote safe nights out.

Three people who had been thrown out of venues for violent behaviour were added to the list of those who are now unable to get a drink in most of the city’s pubs and clubs.

Many venues display posters warning patrons of the consequences of over-stepping the mark.

Members of the licensed trade came together after a series of brutal incidents which caused widespread outrage. In September 2010, teenager Duane Warcon became the focus of the campaign when he was barred for life for a vicious glassing at the Allenstown Hotel.

Accord venues include the Zodiac/Extreme nightclubs, Republik, My Bar/ Strutters, Heritage Tavern, O’Dowds, Oxford Hotel, Ginger Mule, Bartlett’s Club Tavern, Cambridge Hotel Motel, Great Western, Allenstown Hotel, Park Avenue Hotel, Frenchville Sports Club and Rockhampton Leagues Club.


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