Making Hastings Street a safer place – CCTV Stage 2 goes live in Hastings Street

The Sunshine Coast Council has completed Stage two of the installation of CCTV at Hastings Street in Noosa Heads as part of the community safety program

These cameras will provide Police with the ability to monitor and record activities along the full length of Hastings Street and respond quickly to events.

The cameras will also provide Police with a valuable evidence aid when investigating incidents in Hastings Street.

Division 11 Councillor Russell Green said the new cameras were a continuation of council’s commitment to providing safer places for the community to go about their recreational, social and commercial activities.

"The CCTV system will be under the control of Queensland Police in a partnership agreement with council," he said.

Councillor Russell Green commended the finalisation of stage two.

“The completed Hastings Street CCTV system is now on line and while we know this area is a safe place for our community there is a need for this additional safety in the nightclub strip, now and into the future," he said.

“This is the completion of a two stage roll out of CCTV in the Hastings Street area. Stage one became operational on 22 December 2010. The completion of stage two, on time and on budget will ensure that Hastings Street remains one of the safest holiday destinations that people can choose.”

"The Hastings Street association and the CALM liquor accord members have been at the forefront of this program, offering advice, assistance and support through its continued operations. This has been a great partnership result."


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