Police work to reduce violence

ROCKHAMPTON police are working hard to reduce the number of street violence incidents in the city’s CBD, a police spokesman says.

The Morning Bulletin yesterday reported the plight of the dean of Rockhampton’s St Paul’s Cathedral, Lindsay Howie, who has been forced to close the beautiful heritage building outside of services and special occasions.

Father Howie spoke about ongoing problems caused by increased vandalism and violence in the CBD, in particular on Friday and Saturday nights.

The majority of those who commented on the story at The Bulletin’s website yesterday sympathised with Father Howie’s predicament.

The police spokesman said: "If anything we are seeing a bit of a reduction in incidents in the CBD because of the strategies in place, such as the liquor accord. We are working hard to deal with the problems."

He said the issue was one of competing interests in the CBD.

He agreed with Father Howie’s sentiments about the changing nature of the community.

"There has been a changing attitude over time towards police and other members of the community too," the spokesman said.

"Once upon a time no-one would commit an offence against a church and now that has all changed.

"I remember churches never used to be locked up."


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