Flight centre accused in staff bullying case

LEGAL action has been filed against leading travel agency Flight Centre, which is facing claims it ignored workplace bullying towards a female employee who was allegedly ridiculed and asked to wear a joke “boob apron” at an awards night.

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers yesterday filed action in the federal court under provisions in the Fair Work Act intended to protect whistleblowers from victimisation. The action was filed on behalf of a former assistant manager of the Student Flights Frankston store in Melbourne, Richard Barnes, who claims he had made several complaints about the “bullying behaviour” of the store manager towards another female employee last year.

Mr Barnes alleges store manager Kelly Gallasch belittled the woman to several other workers, saying she was “useless” and “stank”, and told her it was “no wonder your husband left you”. It is also alleged she tried to make the employee wear a “boob apron” to an awards night because of low sales.


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