Liquor Accord Australia supports new National Schools and Sporting Clubs Responsible Education of Alcohol Program


In an announcement today Liquor Accords Australia supported the new program for Schools and Sporting Clubs to educate Students and Players on the Responsible Education of Alcohol and Drugs.

The program sponsSchools1111.fwored by Australian Club Training through the Educate and Legislate initiative to deliver free information to Australian School children and Sports Players  is focused on creating an education based for students between Years Eight and Nine as the critical years in the formation of youth attitudes and Sports Players who are exposed to a whole new world of peer pressure and Social Media.

After a long consultation phase with leading Educators this program was identified as the best way to give our children the skills and information they need to have the smarts to respond to and deal with situations that relate to alcohol, alcohol fueled violence and drink driving awareness.

In recent years there has been a significant shift in the community attitude and in government strategy for dealing with alcohol and drugs in the community. This initiative is now a Key Initiative in supporting change with a properly developed delivery strategy aimed at our young people before they:

  • become drivers – but while they are still at risk as a passenger
  • go to pubs – but while they are still at risk at parties or their friend’s home
  • start work – but will be at risk with older employees or their employer
  • become professional athletes – but will be at risk with older players
  • start career opportunities – but will be limited by exploitation of social media by more sophisticated users of Facebook and Twitter, etc
  • start adult life – with health complicated by diabetes

Liquor Accord members are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to support and drive change through proper Education for All Australians to act to stop the carnage from Alcohol Fueled Violence.


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