Tamworth pubs stick to regular curfews for festival

THE details of curfews and lockouts at Tamworth’s licensed premises during the 10-day Country Music Festival will be finalised this week.

There has been some confusion over the rules.

A potentially misinterpreted radio report, gave many the impression all of the city’s licensed venues would face a 12.30pm curfew, led many people associated with the event to question why.

When the question was asked of local police and the Tamworth and District Liquor Accord yesterday some clarity was offered to the situation.

Oxley Local Area Command duty officer, Inspector Jeff Budd, said all licensed venues in the city had indicated to police they would continue to adhere to their self-imposed curfews in the best interests of their patrons.

"These curfews have been in place for over the last four to five years," he said.

"Venues have to look after their customers by ensuring they are not to full and there will be no danger with overcrowding."

He said for example, the Imperial Hotel which imposes its curfew ? or lock out ? no customers being allowed in from 12.30am outside of the Country Music Festival would continue to impose the same curfew during the 10-day event.

Additional plain clothes licensing police are being brought in to Tamworth for the 10-day festival to ensure responsible service of alcohol is being conducted throughout the event at the city’s 76 licensed venues.

The Tamworth Hotel on Marius St will continue to close its doors to patrons at midnight.

Inspector Budd said police had been, and were continuing, to work heavily with Tamworth Regional Council, local licensed premises and the local liquor accord to ensure things ran smoothly throughout the festival.

It is understood if any late changes are made to a premises’ ability to alter its trading hours during the festival the last chance will be a meeting scheduled between licensing police and all members of the city’s liquor accord on Thursday.


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