Magistrate slams ‘pathetic’ actions

A DRUNKEN Swan Hill man who urinated in police holding cells after being arrested has avoided a conviction and received a stern lecture from a magistrate.

The Swan Hill Magistrates’ Court heard on Wednesday that the 19-year-old male had been out drinking on December 30 last year, when police saw him wandering in town about 1.35am.

"He was heard shouting loud remarks and when the police saw him he was trying to conceal a Four X bar mat," prosecutor Leading Senior Constable John Lyons said.

"He said he had found it at the Federal Hotel, but then said he couldn’t remember where he got it from."

Leading Sen Constable Lyons said once the 19-year-old had been arrested, he urinated on the police holding cell floor despite there being a toilet in the room.

The youth pleaded guilty to dishonesty and public drunkenness charges, but told police he couldn’t remember anything from the night.

Defence lawyer Marcus Williams said his client’s parents had recently divorced, and since the incident, he had been banned from all venues aligned with the Swan Hill Liquor Accord for 12 months.

Magistrate William Gibb described the 19-year-old’s actions as "pathetic", and warned him that a conviction could have impact for the rest of his life, affecting job prospects and overseas travel plans.

"It’s somewhat disappointing that you come before the courts with this sort of behaviour," Mr Gibb said.

"If you had a conviction for this nonsense, you wouldn’t get a visa."

Mr Gibb said the court would give the youth a chance and not impose a conviction, but he was ordered to make a $250 donation to the Swan Hill hospital.


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