Illawarra Pubs and Clubs off NSW most violent list

The Illawarra Hotel is one of three venues in the region to be removed from the state’s most violent list.

The Albion Park Hotel and Castros have also been removed while the Shellharbour Workers Club has been added.

Hotel Illawarra, General Manager Paul Anzani says they’ve put a lot of preventative measures in place to reduce the number of incidents.

But he says alcohol related violence needs to be more broadly addressed in the community.

“Things like intelligent lighting, ID scanning, good lighting out on the street, techniques like that allow the staff to make some assessment and then talk to patrons it helps them better understand where that patrons at, because so many people are having a drink at home or having a drink as they approach a venue which are the things we need to break down and get on top of generally as a society,” he said.

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