Violent riffraff not welcome

IN THE space of just a few days Gladstone has experienced two armed robberies, both of which could have ended in tragic circumstances. Fortunately, for all concerned, neither did but, really, that’s not the point.

These things should not be happening in Gladstone – nor for that matter anywhere.

We do not live in the days of the wild, wild west where gunfights were common.

We live in Gladstone, a civilised community, which deserves much better.

Where do these people come from; these people who believe it’s okay to burst into a business premises and threaten the shopkeeper with baseball bats or guns?

They’re surely not members of Gladstone’s resident population. One wonders whether they have arrived in town along with the huge influx of new people engaged in major industry and construction. If so, they had better march right back to where they came from.

We don’t want them here, and we won’t stand for their intimidating and life-threatening behaviour.

The greater majority of Gladstone people are all for development and progress but if these actions are the price our community has to pay for that progress, we don’t need it at all.

Add to the two armed robberies the drunken antics of Australia Day’s eve revellers and it seems as though there is an element coming to our town that we can well do without.

Gladstone police reported they had an extremely busy night on Wednesday; not only with the robbery but also with thugs who are happy to get trollied and then act like complete idiots.

Thank goodness we have organisations such as the Gladstone Liquor Accord, which is helping to curb unacceptable behaviour in our drinking spots – and let’s hope the police nail those involved in the robberies.


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