TV adverts message hits home

A HERVEY Bay Liquor Accord advertisement aimed at discouraging boozy behaviour has hit the big time.

Amateur film makers produced the television advertisement for the joint project involving licensed venues and police, to promote the values of the Hervey Bay Liquor Accord.

It illustrates the type of anti-social behaviour that is unacceptable in local pubs and clubs and the consequences of what can happen if party-goers don’t play by the rules.

Recently the television station broadcast the ad nationally and Hervey Senior Constable Mick Bleakley said he had been contacted by people from as far away as Adelaide wanting to replicate the concept in their area.

"We have had outstanding positive feedback from the community and beyond," Sen Const Bleakley said

"We have also noted the number of names on the accord were down from the previous year.

Plaques carrying the accord message have also been placed around Esplanade parks where people are known to congregate and consume alcohol

The next phase of the campaign will be a second, more generic advertisement which will also be broadcast nationally.

"We hope to get more funding to keep these kinds of campaigns going," Sen Const Bleakley said

"Accord members and police believe our message is getting out there and due to the publicity, patrons at licensed venues are now modifying their behaviour which is very rewarding."


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