Pubs fight back

It seems that every Monday morning the BDT has another report of drunk, violent or disorderly behaviour over the weekend.

Police reports of drunken fights and assaults along with fines for patrons who fail to quit or move on from a licensed premises are appearing more often than local hospitality figures would like.

The venue that is often considered to be at the centre of the trouble is the newly reopened Night Train – a night spot that gained notoriety in previous decades for hosting many a wild night.

However, licensee Di Flack is looking to change the perception of the Night Train, and said the nightclub was doing all it could to reduce trouble between its patrons.

“We do everything the liquor accord suggests. We don’t do shots, we don’t serve drunks, we have plastic cups – we don’t even have Red Bull or Mother,” she said.

“We have more security than the law requires. I’m not sure what else we can do.”

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