Pubs look at ID scans for bottle shops

Kimberley police and publicans are leading a push to introduce identity scanning in bottle shops to combat problem drinkers in Broome, Derby and Kununurra.

Divers Tavern manager Mark Phillips said the Broome liquor accord members would vote next month on whether to introduce the system, in which people would have to produce ID before being allowed to buy takeaway alcohol.

The proposal is also being considered by the Kununurra and Derby liquor accords.

Kimberley district Supt Mick Sutherland said liquor accords in each town were considering his request to self-regulate and take ownership of the sale of alcohol in the Kimberley to minimise harm in the community.

Supt Sutherland said some of Broome’s nationally owned liquor outlets had not yet agreed to test the ID system and it would not work if they didn’t. He said he would write to the companies if they refused.


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