More police wanted on streets

MORE police visibility was the overwhelming demand put forward at community meetings held across the Kyogle local government area as part of the community consultation process for the development of the Kyogle Council Crime Prevention and Safety Plan.

The sessions – held in Kyogle, Bonalbo, Tabulam and Woodenbong – gave residents the opportunity to identify crime and safety issues to be considered in the development of the plan, now on public exhibition at Kyogle Council.

Sessions were also held with the Richmond Area Local Command, Richmond/Kyogle liquor accord and other community groups, organisations and high schools.

The plan draws on crime statistics from the Bureau of Crime Statistics and 330 responses to a safety action survey conducted throughout the Kyogle local government area in February.

“More policing, more police visibility, police living in town and village areas and mixing with the locals on a regular basis, foot-stomping and building rapport with the community while maintaining good policing practices,” was just some of the residents’ feedback reported in the plan.

Respondents said they wanted to see better enforcement of rules and regulations and that people should be punished for their crimes.

The court system was also found to be lacking and failed to make offenders understand the impact of their crimes, such as the monetary and emotional impact, respondents said.

Parents should take more responsibility for their child’s behaviour and undertake parenting courses or pay penalties if their children offend repeatedly.

This feedback was then matched against crime statistics to identify areas to be targeted in the plan, which was developed by consultant Suzie Coulston.

Two target areas to be addressed in the plan are harassment, including threatening behaviour and private nuisance, and break-and-enter into non-dwellings.

To reduce harassment and threatening behaviours, the plan suggests strategies should be developed to neutralise peer pressure, set rules, control the use of alcohol and drugs, deny benefits and avoid disputes.

To reduce break-and-enter into non-dwellings, some of the suggestions put forward were to harden targets, increase natural and formal surveillance and discourage imitation.

The plan can be viewed online at or at the council chambers in Stratheden St, Kyogle.

Community Feedback on Crime More policing is needed Rules and regulations should be enforced Parents should take responsibility for their children’s behaviour Better lighting in some areas Neighbourhood watch.


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