Be good or be barred

DISTURBING the quiet and the good order of the neighbourhood will get you barred from a licensed venue for one month under a new policy introduced this week by the Lismore Liquor Accord.

Lismore Liquor Accord chairperson Steve Bortolin said the barring policy would ensure consistency when dealing with patrons involved in alcohol-related violence and anti-social behaviour in or around licensed premises in the Lismore LGA.

“The policy applies at all member venues and informs patrons of the length of time they will be banned for a range of incidents,” Mr Bortolin said.

Under the policy, refusing to leave a venue when asked gets you barred for three months, giving verbal threats to staff or causing malicious damage in the immediate vicinity of an accord venue gets you six months, and committing a serious assault resulting in injury gets you barred for life.

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