Anti-social behaviour crackdown

MOE’S decline in anti-social behaviour has been largely attributed to the responsible serving of alcohol in pubs, according to Moe police.

The Liquor Accord, which includes about 30 representatives from Moe’s pubs, clubs and sporting groups, last week acknowledged the Mid City Tavern’s role in reducing anti-social behaviour convictions by more than 50 per cent in the past two years, Moe police senior sergeant Cameron Blair said.

Moe Police sergeant Mick Morris said the Moe community had “set the benchmark” for the responsible serving of alcohol in the Latrobe Valley.

“They have established a strong relationship between the licensees and police, as a result of that we’ve got very little incidents occurring in and around the nightclubs,” Sgt Morris said.

He said the Tavern was “instrumental” in cracking down on violence and was the “life blood” which kicked off the support of other establishments.

“If one sets the benchmark, the others have to (step) up to their level,” Sgt Morris said.

“As a result of that, incidents of assaults and damages have reduced, or (are) not occurring in Moe any more.”

Mid City Tavern owner Paul Connaughton said since the beginning of the Liquor Accord in 2009, Moe liquor licensing venues had become safer.

“The impact of the Liquor Accord (on Moe), has reduced excessive alcohol consumption and violence levels,” Mr Connaughton said.

The Moe Liquor Accord meets regularly to discuss disciplinary actions against offenders, issues within Moe’s licensed venues, changes to the current legislations and outcomes for a safer future.

Actions include barring offenders from licensed venues, temporarily banning offenders from sporting club events, scanning identification so people are accountable for their behaviour and closing venues early on days of town events.

“Barring people (from venues) who have alcohol and violence problems has had a positive impact on the community,” Mr Connaughton said.

“It enabled us to identify who has a problem in the area and keep them out of licensed venues, to make the Mid City Tavern more positive and to also have a more positive impact on the community.”


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