Safe drinking takes shape

LICENSEES in Dubbo will help the Liquor Accord’s governing board to shape responsible service of alcohol across the city.

The first meeting of the year with the new board raised the proposal of electing single representatives for hotels, motels, pubs and restaurants.

Liquor Accord chairman Pat Finn said there was a good turnout of licensees, which symbolised the understanding of their responsibility.

“There was a good lot there, they know there’s support from us and it’s important for them to know what’s going on,” he said.

The proposed representatives would be a significant step forward for the new-look Liquor Accord.

“The enthusiasm with what’s happening is good, we want them to work with us and tell us what they want,” Mr Finn said.

Membership of the Liquor Accord is held in high regard with the board, and expanding their base is a major priority.

“Naturally, we’re working on our membership drive at this stage for licensees of pubs, hotels and restaurants,” Mr Finn said.

The board will then look into possible amendments to the constitution as the year rolls on.

Other issues raised at the meeting included water supplies for Derby Day and the Responsible Service of Alcohol program.

Mr Finn said it was important for people with the certificate to gain experience before walking into a job.

The Liquor Accord will also move outside the city, talking with various stakeholders to find ways to improve the organisation.

“We’re looking to get Tamworth’s model in of how they run things, they’re a big town and we want to ask them what they’re doing,” Mr Finn said.

The board will also meet up with new Australian Hotels Association CEO Paul Nicolaou on his visit to Dubbo next week.

“To get him to see the area here is important, we’ll ask him general questions to know what’s happening in the industry,” Mr Finn said.

Secretary Jay Porter from the Dubbo Railway Bowling Club and treasurer Paul Sutton of the Garden Hotel make up the Dubbo Liquor Accord board along with Mr Finn.

Their next meeting will be held on May 10.


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