Gordonvale stands against alcohol-fuelled violence in the Far North

BADLY-behaved drinkers are fast running out of places to cause trouble as police and licensees continue to crackdown on alcohol-fuelled problems in the Far North.

Gordonvale is the latest community to take a stand against anti-social behaviour at pubs and clubs with the launch today of the Southern Corridor Liquor Accord.

An accord is an agreement between licensees, police and other stakeholders to take action to reduce alcohol-related offences and violence.

In the Far North, there are liquor accords in place on the Tableland, Innisfail, Tully and the northern beaches.

Under the accords, if an offence is committed at one venue, bans of a few months or years, and up to life bans, will bar the patron from all licensed venues that have signed the accord.

The police and Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation, in partnership with six Gordonvale pubs and clubs, will today announce their aim to lift behavioural standards at local premises.

Gordonvale police officer-in-charge Sgt Erin Shawcross said the accord was a way to stem alcohol-fuelled violence.

"The licensees are to be commended for their proactive approach to improving service delivery and the wellbeing of their patrons," Sgt Shawcross said.

"I feel confident that the new accord will benefit not only the patrons of the various venues but the greater Gordonvale community as well."

Cairns Community Licence Safety Association chairman Dominic Davies said a number of people had been banned under the Cairns Liquor Accord since October 2010.

"Currently, about 20 people are on our banned list and police have banned people under different legislation," he said.

"The program has most definitely been successful.

"It just opens up communication between licensing police and the venues, it’s very good."

Mr Davies said police statistics showed the Cairns Liquor Accord had reduced the amount of alcohol-fuelled violence in the city.


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